The Bishop

In the New Testament, a bishop is a person who functions as a teaching leader among a local group of Christians. The Greek term episkapos has also been translated as "episcopal," "elder," "overseer," or "pastor." All refer to the same office and are therefore synonyms.

Dr. Clarke has been a Bishop in the Church of God (Cleveland TN), for almost twenty years. He has served the church in this capacity in the UK, in Ghana (and throughout West Africa) and the USA. Dr. Clarke has trained thousands of leaders all over the world and is highly respected and sought after for his advice and opinions as a seasoned leader.

As a preacher, Dr. Clifton Clarke is called anointed to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all peoples and nations, a calling that he approaches with great passion and devotion. Dr. Clarke believes that preaching should be biblical but also contextual and relevant to the 21 Century church and world. Positioned between the traditions of William J. Seymour, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Clarke believes a minister should be Priestly and yet prophetic. A leader that stand with the downtrodden and one that speaks truth to power. Having served in various areas of ministry for more than 30 years, Dr. Clarke has the heart of a pastor who cares not only to share the Good News but that his the gospel should bring about transformation in society and peoples lives.